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Hei Tiki - Putiputi

The Hei Tiki Putiputi series was completed during COVID 19 lockdown. It features Māori iconography and symbols that the artist weaves together with Greek cosmologies, all within a strong and distinctively New Zealand context.

Hei Tiki - Provenance

This series features the Hei Tiki, an iconic symbol in Māori culture. The artist draws inspiration from this traditional and prolific symbol to create a series of narratives that reflect a wide range of emotions and stories. 

Angels and Ancestors

Angels and ancestors collide to create an intermediary space where humans are both fascinated and attracted to different worlds and their cosmologies - one Orthodox Christian, the other deeply Indigenous.


The Pou series is a contemporary reflection of the traditional totem pole form and includes both paintings and sculptures.

Hei Tiki Aroha

The Hei Tiki Aroha collection draws upon the themes of unconditional love, the highest vibrational form that invites all living things to come together in communion. Healing is a key element in this collection whether through invocation or prayer, through service and serving, or creating space to carve out intentional connection to our wairua and higher self. 


This series presents Aotearoa's native birds, the messengers from the Gods and the stories they carry from to the heavens to the people.


In this series, the God Tanemāhuta (God of the forest) inspires a collection of life-giving trees.